Tuesday, June 5, 2007

||| Pulau Kukup Trip |||

Holiday luu~~
wer to go ler??so boring eh...hmm..
ehh??!! i remember alr!!!My big bro say wanna bring us(my family) go for trip~
cal cal him ask go wer st!!du...dudu...hello?Bro bro,wat is our trip venue this time ler?
Pulau Kukup??!!
wat a weird name.. =.="
hmmm..ok la..wat eve la..can go play then can alr..
bb..c u~

2/6/07 Saturday 8.00am Malacca House

wow wow yeh yeh~~start my journey lu!!
from Malacca til the pualu kukup there nd abt 4hours o..wat to do while waitng to reach my pulau kukp ler??Sure is slp lo...wake up so early... =.=
When i wake up...Omg~i saw a big prawn!!so i decide to take the photo up..

realy big rite?
Hehe..this is the mark tat let us remember we park our car inside the parking lot~

the road quite dangerous, will fall into sea o~

Next to show u all is the chinese name of~Pulau Kukup!!!~ =.=

When we reach there..we sure having our lunch st lo..hungry ma...
after tat then we walk to our rental house to have a rest st..sien,tat place cant drive car go in de o,the road inside pulau kukup jus enuf for motorbike,bike n ppl to in out eh!!its spend abt 10+min to reach the house we rent eh..so tire..but nvm la..long long one time nia~~ ^^
Ohya,its time to show some pic i take i describe how the pulau kukup look like...

All the house are on the sea ler!!

beside the sea can saw many-many 'kelong' o
Next is my photos lo~ :p
On a smal 'kelong'

Beautyful view from a view corner
`An old bridge tat i feel vy nice o`

Huuu...walk half day alr...tire lo..bac home rest rest st ya...
My big bro n his wife have a sweet chat at front of house..hehe

2nd bro:''Don't capture my photo!!siu siu siu!!" :p
Oh...i can't believe my eyes!!!my parent were singing o~they nt even sing front of me b4 eh... =.="

but....they sing hokkien old song la....don so loud ya..i wan oi oi ah!!

woh..so fast fall slp liao...

At nite, BBQ lu~~~wakaka~~
My family n sis in law family having dinner together

my 2nd bro, 3rd bro & big bro

Me,my pretty sis n my nice nice mum ^^

Wakaka~chicken wing~

After eat we jus walk around only..becos there nth special at nite de..
waiting the 2nd morning come...zzzzzz..

The next day morning i wake up early to take the beauty photo lo~
Don't miss the pretty view...


... now alr 6.30am lo...

~~can u see the bot?fisher man come bac lu~~

...Kukup is a peaceful place...

while viewing the pic on my blog,will to feel to visit this beauty place?

Is me is me~~hoho...give me some chance to show my photo ya.. ^^

c...there are so many 'kelong'

~~I feel Gd~~ :p

So~after i take my breakst..we take the bot to went to the sea!!!

~nth do on bot so take pic lo~

....opposite is Pulau Kukup...

This is the entrance of the hutan perlindungan(taman negara) pulau kukup o
My mother was nagging:''so hot so hot so hot!!can find a place to rest or nt o??"
my mom was scare..becoz we nd to across a bridge on the river..its vy high o!!

wah~realy high o.... @.@

BUT!!!I nt scare~wahaha..take pic st! :)

Snack river is below my foot, wat wil happen if i fall down? O.o

last i climb up a 6th floor high viewing block...nice air!!view whole view of pulau kukup at here..

next statiom is the ~''kelong''!!this is one of our activity...fisher man introduce few type of fish to us...

mumy n me, becoz is on the sea,its so hot o...next time must bring cap...

Guesse wat is tis??

hehe....is small shark o!!its so cute!!no teeth de...hohoho :D

don take my photo la...i busy record video la!!wait a while st ma... :p

After tat our trip to pulau kukup can say almost to end alr...we back to our home n take our bath...after pack our thing then we going to have lunch n back Malacca....

hehe,while waiting to bath then play play this ''yao lan"

Take lunch lo wei~~we take our lunch at kukup restoran...the dishes are quite nice o..

My family n sis in law family..sien..we were waiting so long for our dishes come.. *.*

Yuhuu~~finaly its come..c,i hungry til don look at the camera jus keep eat my thing...haha

when we finish our lunch, is time to say bb to pulau kukup le...although it is a nice place..but i stil feel tat the name is still weird la...anyway~Thx "Pulau Kukup" for giving such a nice place to let me visit.. =.O

hehe...times to bac...pic nt so clear cant c the actual distance..haiz...my kukup trip end...boring life start again looo...wat to do?think again lo....mayb i should have a nother trip....

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Anonymous said...

Hi,nice pic u took on Pulau Kukup. One question, was the boat ride to the island safe? I mean, i didn't see u guys wearing life jacket. Are there other boat operators there?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..that sure not safety in any case of didn't wear the jacket..
but from my view the wave is small so still consider ok..
There only one agent of taking this business...

Apyturtle Life Spot said...

hello, do u got the person incharge contact no ?

desmondChua said...

hi there, i am desmond here.
i planning to go kukup in few weeks time.
can i contact u for more details?
such as the resort there, transport and all details?

can u please send msg to desmond_xx@hotmail.com
i ll contact u from there! thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

visit http://www.kukupresort.com

Anonymous said...

ThankS for sharing! Your step by step account n pictures r rly useful for a look at this ulu place!

John said...

You can book a kukup chalet using this website